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Upcoming closures, fall menu suggestions

Wow, I can't believe how quickly the summer is flying by. August and September are going to be busy months for both work and play, so I've updated the site to add a calendar showing upcoming closures as well as listing them below for easy access. Weeks where I am closed over a weekend I will be taking a limited number of orders, so if you're looking to celebrate with a treat from the TSP Bakery around those dates please reach out early!

Closure dates for August & September:

Thursday, August 1st through Saturday, August 10th

Thursday, August 29th through Wednesday, September 4th

Thursday, September 12th through Tuesday, September 17th (flexible; may be shorter)

On a positive note, I am working on the fall menu already! The menu will officially drop on September 16th; I'd love your feedback on flavors you'd like to see added. Please share your ideas with me here, or via Facebook.

Thanks so much, hope you're enjoying summertime!

-Lauren @ TSP Bakery

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